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         公司主要品牌:“亨達” “盛月” “盛奧”,不僅暢銷國內,并遠銷世界多個國家和地區,讓我們以最優的質量最好的服務,共同攜手打磨世界不平,回歸大自然。
      Xinxiang YuanYue Abrasive Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in innovative research, development, processing and sales of polishing abrasives. The company has standardized factory buildings, automatic and efficient production lines and perfect product quality testing and manufacturing system.
      Since its inception, the company's production management is scientific and fine, unique, product quality excellence, customer service integrity and thoughtfulness; the company to the product focus, specificity, with the spirit of continuous innovation for enterprising, to meet the highest requirements of the market.
       The company's main brands: "Henda", "Shengyue" and "Shengao" not only sell well in China, but also exported to many countries and regions around the world. Let's work together with the best quality and best service to grind the world's injustice and return to nature.

24h熱線:13937129182 / 0373-8558199 地址:河南省封丘縣


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